How Can I Bond Someone Out of Jail?

Most individuals charged with a crime in New York are allowed to have a bond set in their case. The amount of the bond depends on the severity of the crime with which the accused has been charged. Usually the more serious the criminal charges, the higher the amount of the bond.

In order to bond someone from jail, you must give the courts an amount of money which is equal to the bond. The bond is your way of guaranteeing the defendant will appear in court when required. If the defendant does not come to court, you lose the money you posted. Once the case is over, you will receive a refund in the amount of the bond.

If you can’t post a bond in the amount required, you can use the services of a bail bondsman. The bondsman will charge you a percent of the bond in order to bond the person out of jail. You may have to post some type of collateral, like a lien on your home, depending on the situation.

If you do use a bondsman, remember the bondsman is not there to give you legal advice, and should not refer you to an attorney. That could lead to a conflict of interest between the bondsman and the attorney, and you should have an attorney who is independent.