If I Missed My Criminal Court Date in New York, What Should I Do?

If you missed your court date in New York for a summons or another criminal case, you could face serious consequences. Most likely, there will be a warrant out for your arrest. If after missing a court date you were to come into contact with police officers, they will most likely find out about your failure to appear in court and you may be hauled into custody.

The penalties are especially steep if you fail to appear on a criminal case, especially if it is a serious charge. You may have posted bail in order to be released, and if you fail to appear your bond could be forfeited. In addition, the bail bondsman will search for you in an attempt to apprehend you. Even if you were allowed to leave the court room without paying a bail, you could receive criminal charges for failing to appear.

If you have missed your court date in New York, it’s highly advisable that you hire an experienced New York City criminal defense attorney who can accompany you to court so that you can answer the charges. Waiting does not make the problem go away – it makes it worse. Instead, contact an attorney who can help you not only with the potential charges for failing to appear, but also with the charges you face on the original case.