Law Enforcement Officials Have Asked Me to Allow Them to Search My Home/car. What Should I Do?

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution does not allow illegal searches and seizures of your private property. You are, however, allowed to give up that right. You can give up that right by giving permission to law enforcement officials to search your private property.

If the police have sufficient evidence against you, they will get a search warrant, which allows them to search and seize your private property without your permission. The police may ask you to allow them to search your property without a search warrant, promising that if you do not allow them to, they will obtain a search warrant. However, this may not be true. They may not have sufficient evidence for a search warrant. If the police ask you to allow you to search your property, tell them to get a search warrant. The police may also make promises to you to entice you to allow them to search without a warrant. Do not believe those promises – many such promises can only be made by a district attorney.

If you are in a situation where police are asking your permission to search through your property, you need to consult an attorney.