Man arrested in New York after alleged 3-state crime spree

NEW YORK – On Friday, a man was taken into custody near George Washington Bridge, which connects New Jersey and New York City, after a suspected crime spree that started with abduction in Pennsylvania, includes an assault on a national park employee and a fire at a car dealership, said the authorities.

According to the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York Police, on Friday noon, 32-year-old Luis Figeuroa, of Hazelton ,Pennsylvania, and the Brox was taken into custody.

Figueroa was driving a vehicle when he struck a Port Authority Vehicle near the bridge toll plaza and continued across the bridge eastbound. After that, he suddenly tried to head back west and struck another Port Authority vehicle, said the spokesman. As he tried to flee on foot, he got arrested.

Police Chief Frank DeAndrea said that after some time, Figueroa attempted to abduct a woman in Hazleton who was eight months pregnant. The woman fled down the street and Figueroa followed her with a pump action shotgun. After that, he began to make some noise on the door of a school bus with two students abroad, begging to be let on, DeAndrea said. The chief said that the driver of the bus didn’t open the door.

Figueroa then abducted another woman whom he knew and fled in a minivan.

The woman who was eight months pregnant was taken to a hospital with bad injuries and was flown to a second hospital, said the chief.

DeAndrea said that with the second woman, Figueroa made it to New Jersey. The woman escaped there after he got out of the minivan to dispose off the shotgun. From some other law agencies, he received the citing information that the woman was flown to a hospital with some injuries.

DeAndrea said that Figueroa then attacked an employee of the national park and stole her personal car in New Jersey.

The public affairs specialist for the Delaware Water Gap national Recreation area told the Pocono Record that the individual was attacked and assaulted at about 10 a.m. in the parking lot of Kittatinny Point Visitor center in Warren County.

DeAndrea said that Figueroa drove to Cadillac dealership in Patterson from there and tried to trade the vehicle of the park employee for an Escalade which he had stolen, and then he attacked a salesperson, started a fire in the dealership and stole the Escalade.

The chief said that an individual has obtained a protection from abuse order in Hazelton against Figueroa. He rejected to characterize the relationship of Figueroa citing the investigation about this ongoing. He also refuse to characterize the nature of the injuries as well but said that neither had been shot.

He tried hard to run away but was later taken into custody.