New Corruption Laws May Be Headed to New York

Governor Cuomo is seeking tougher criminal laws in New York for corrupt public officials. Cuomo made the announcement this week. The new laws he is seeking would expand the power of the state’s district attorneys to investigate public corruption and would increase penalties for crimes such as bribery.

Cuomo’s announcement occurred one week after two lawmakers were charged in separate federal corruption cases. Another lawmaker pled guilty to a perjury charge after wearing a wire and serving as an informant for four years. The new laws are the second set of laws that Cuomo has pushed regarding corruption and public officials since taking office.

The new laws are meant to make it easier for local prosecutors to convict public officials of bribery in New York, by requiring that prosecutors prove only that the official intended to be influenced by the extortion. Previously, in order to prove corruption there had to be an explicit agreement between the briber and the recipient of the bribe.