The Risks of Accepting an Early Plea Bargain

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New York criminal attorneys understand the temptation to accept an early plea agreement. However, the first offer may require a defendant to plead guilty to a more serious offense in exchange for a shorter sentence. This decision requires careful consideration because a guilty plea will result in a criminal record that could result in serious collateral consequences that will affect your future.

If you wait until a future court appearance, you might be offered a reduced charged in exchange for time you have already served or a small fine. On the other hand, if you accept an early plea deal and plead guilty to a serious charge, you might:

  • Be prohibited from ever possessing a firearm in the future.
  • Be excluded from receiving federal student aid for a minimum of one year.

New York criminal attorneys may work with you to help you make decisions regarding an early offer of a plea deal. For instance, New York criminal attorneys may evaluate an early offer of a plea deal made by the prosecution to see if it indicates a weakness in the case. Your lawyer might suggest that you wait and see if the prosecution makes a better offer at a later date.

The lawyer may compare your case with the outcomes of similar cases. In addition, your lawyer will learn as much as possible about your case from police reports and the prosecution in order to give you the best possible advice.

As difficult as it might be, serving time in jail may be preferable to a guilty plea to a more serious charge. A jail sentence will end, while the negative consequences of a criminal record may be life-long. For instance, individuals with a criminal record often have difficulty finding work and qualifying for housing.

If you are facing serious criminal charges, you might want to discuss your options with a criminal defense attorney. Depending on your circumstances, accepting an early plea bargain may not be in your best interests. Additionally, a lawyer might be able to negotiate with the prosecutor for a plea bargain that is more favorable. If the case is going to trial, a lawyer can present a defense argument on your behalf. In the event that the prosecutor’s case is weak, the lawyer could challenge the evidence and have it excluded from court proceedings.

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