Should I Post Call a Bail Bondsman About Posting Bond Before Talking to a Criminal Defense Attorney in New York City?

When a person is arrested and taken to jail, he or she is usually desperate to get out of jail. The person may call and plead with family members to help get them out as quickly as possible. This usually happens after the arraignment, where the charges are read and bail is set.

Sometimes, criminal defendants will wait until after the arraignment is over to contact a criminal defense attorney. Frequently, they will get a loved one to contact a bail bondsman to help them get out of jail, and at that point will contact a criminal defense attorney to help with the case.

However, that is usually not the best approach. In most cases, it is much better to have the attorney involved at the very beginning, before the arraignment and before posting bail. There are several reasons for this. First, the criminal defense attorney can be very valuable during the arraignment. The attorney can make an argument for a lower bail amount or no bail. Also, having an attorney on the case can often reduce the price of the bond.