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Cyber crime is on the rise, and law enforcement officials are dedicated to apprehending any and all alleged criminals tied to Internet misconduct. However, as hacking capabilities become more prevalent and cyber crimes more technical, it is not uncommon for police to isolate and target the wrong individual, even if the criminal conduct appears to derive from his or her Internet Protocol (IP) address. Believe it or not, our office has successfully defended against cyber crime charges by showing that sophisticated hackers can commit crimes remotely using a wireless network, thereby incriminating innocent bystanders in the process. If you are facing an Internet or computer crime charge—or believe you may be under investigation—contact a New York cyber crime lawyer right away. The sooner you contact our office for representation, the better we can protect you as we can also help ensure the police follow proper protocol in searching your property and hard drives.

Types of Computer Crimes in New York

The New York Penal Code maintains a long list of computer crimes, some of which carry extremely high possible penalties. As an office of experienced cyber crime defense professionals, we are experienced in defending against any of the following crimes:

  • Computer tampering
  • Unlawful duplication of computer-related material
  • Criminal possession of computer-related material
  • Computer trespass
  • Unauthorized use of a computer

The most serious computer crime listed in the N.Y. Penal Code is known as “computer tampering in the first degree.” This crime involves accessing a computer system without authorization and intentionally altering in any manner or destroying the computer data or program of another person. In order to face a first-degree computer tampering charge, the aggregate damage amount must exceed $50,000.

Federal Computer Crimes

Due to the cross-jurisdictional nature of many Internet-based computer crimes, many defendants facing a computer- or Internet-based charge find themselves within the purview of the federal criminal courts. As any New York computer crimes attorney can attest, being in the crosshairs of the federal cyber crimes unit is unnerving, but a strong defense can help minimize or eliminate the possible fines, penalties and jail time awaiting anyone convicted of any of the following federal crimes:

  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Fraud and related activity in connection with computers
  • Fraud and related activity in connection with access devices
  • Injury or destruction to communication lines, stations or systems
  • Illegal interception of wire, oral or electronic communications
  • Illegal manufacture, distribution, possession and advertising of illegal devices for the interception of wire, oral or electronic communications
  • Unlawful access to stored communications
  • Illegal installation or use of a pen register device
  • Criminal copyright infringement
  • Trafficking in counterfeit goods or services
  • Computer hacking
  • Trafficking in counterfeit labels
  • Trafficking in recordings of live musical performances
  • Launching spam email attacks
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Unlawful possession or use of access devices
  • Phishing
  • Internet fraud
  • Computer fraud
  • Sale of counterfeit goods over the Internet
  • Software piracy
  • Computer game piracy
  • Video game piracy
  • Music piracy
  • Internet pornography
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Use of the Internet to disseminate child pornography
  • Instant messaging sexually explicit material to children
  • Online child sex solicitation
  • Cyber stalking
  • Crimes against computer and Internet users
  • Hacking and computer sabotage
  • Internet gambling
  • Cyber terrorism

The list of computer- and Internet-based crimes is extensive, and facing this type of criminal charge can significantly impact your future, particularly if you are facing an extensive amount of jail time or thousands of dollars in fines.

Defenses to Computer Crimes

The New York Penal Code maintains a set of defenses available to any defendant facing a computer or Internet crime. The first possible defense allows a defendant to avoid conviction if he or she had “reasonable grounds to believe that [he or she] had authorization to use the computer.” This type of defense may be applicable to your case if you are facing a charge of unauthorized use of a computer and, at the time of the incident, you genuinely believed you were allowed to use the computer.

The second defense applies to crimes relating to the destruction or alteration of computer files. Your New York cyber crime lawyer may be able to defeat your charges if it is possible to prove that, at the time of the incident, you reasonably believed you had the right to alter or “destroy the computer data or the computer program.”

Lastly, New York law allows for a computer crimes defense to the charge of unlawful duplication of computer programs if, at the time of the incident, the defendant had reasonable grounds to believe he or she had the “right to copy, reproduce or duplicate in any manner the computer data or the computer program.”

Notable Criminal Defense Experience

Our office is one of the most technologically savvy law offices in New York, and we are not afraid to represent defendants facing highly technical computer and Internet crimes. Some of our notable client representations have involved the following fact patterns:

  • Participation in federal counterfeiting schemes
  • Internet-based child abuse stings whereby undercover agents pose and minors
  • Illegal Internet pharmacy businesses
  • Unlawful search and seizure of a client’s hard drive
  • Pirating proprietary software and trade secret information
  • Identity theft

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