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Newsworthy Cases Featuring Sosinsky Law

Criminal defense lawyer, Fred Sosinsky, owner of Sosinsky Law, has litigated numerous cases which have received local and national media attention. The following is a sample of cases that exemplify the type of work in which our attorneys have considerable experience. If you would like to see our law firm’s case history.

Manhattan Physician Accused Of Sexual Assault

Fred Sosinsky currently represents a prominent Manhattan physician accused of sexually abusing/assaulting a number of his patients.

Manhattan Sex Crimes Prosecution

Fred Sosinsky represented Columbia doctoral candidate Oliver Jovanovic at trial in the first Manhattan sex crimes prosecution based upon an internet meetup.

Accidental Death After Medical Procedure

Fred Sosinsky worked out a favorable plea deal for a client who accidentally caused the death of a woman following a "butt enhancement" procedure.

Indictment Of Harvey Weinstein

Fred Sosinsky quoted about the notorious indictment of Harvey Weinstein in an written by the Boston Globe.

High Stakes Insider Trading Case

In one of the most expansive and sensational insider trading cases ever brought by the federal government, Fred Sosinsky kept his client outside of jail.

Psychiatric Defense To Murder Charge

When the media needs expertise on the topic of psychiatric defenses to murder charges, they turn to Fred Sosinsky.

Insanity Defense To Murder Charges

Few trial lawyers have had more experience in asserting the insanity defense to homicide charges than Fred Sosinsky.

Successful Insanity Defense

Read here about Fred Sosinsky's client who was found NOT GUILTY of murder charges based on a successful insanity defense.

Vehicular Homicide Case In Brooklyn

As a respected expert in criminal defense, Fred Sosinsky is often asked to comment on criminal justice issues. Read here about a vehicular homicide case in Brooklyn.

Corruption & Bribery Prosecution

Fred represents the former manager of a Brooklyn affordable housing development arrested in a corruption/bribery prosecution.

Pedestrian Killed While Using Crosswalk

In a case involving the death of a foreign tourist killed after being struck in a crosswalk by a truck driven by his client, Fred Sosinsky negotiated the case down to a traffic violation.

Mentally Ill Man On Trial In NYC Cleaver Killing

Criminal defense attorney Frederick Sosinsky defends a mentally ill man on trial for murder charges.