My Husband/wife Has Been Charged With a Crime. Can I Get Him or Her Out of Jail?

Most likely it will be possible for you to get your spouse of jail in New York City. Most people charged with a crime in New York are entitled to have a reasonable bond set in their case. If the crime was very severe, or if there is a risk that the defendant would flee the jurisdiction, bond may not be grated. How much the bond is depends on the severity on the crime and in some cases the financial means of the defendant. A bond for a misdemeanor case would typically be less than for a felony case.

In order to be grated a bond, you must give an amount of money that is equal to the bond, which will guarantee that all court appearances will be made. Once the case is complete, if the defendant showed up as he or she was required, the money is returned to the person who posted it.

However, if there’s a large bond or if you have limited means, you may not be able to post the bond amount. In that situation, you may choose to consult a bail bondsman. A bondsman will post the bond for you, but they will charge you a fee that is a percentage of the bond, which is their fee. You will not get that money back once the case is over. Depending on the bondsman, the amount of the bond and the type of case involved, the bondsman may ask for some collateral from you, such as a lien on your house.