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Not just any attorney will do for your defense if you have been charged with a crime in New York. The penalties for a criminal conviction can be very severe including incarceration and monetary fines. If you’re looking for a criminal attorney, New York is home to the Law Offices of Frederick L. Sosinsky.

At the Law Offices of Frederick L. Sosinsky, Mr. Sosinsky has successfully defended clients in a variety of criminal law matters both in state and federal court. As a New York criminal defense attorney, Mr. Sosinsky is an advocate for all of his clients’ rights and hardened in dealing with difficult prosecutors and investigators. With his two decades experience in criminal law matters, Mr. Sosinsky has seen it all and understands the nuances of the law as well as arguments that work with judges and prosecutors.

Mr. Sosinsky understands that prosecutors have the burden to prove your guilt and that you are presumed to be innocent. Too often, the salacious details of a case will bias the court into believing that a defendant is guilty. Mr. Sosinsky will help ensure that this does not happen.

How A NY Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

Not all criminal defense attorneys are created equal. In New York, there is seemingly an attorney everywhere you turn. What separates a good attorney, like Mr. Sosinsky, from the rest includes the following:

  • Attention. Mr. Sosinsky will promptly return your calls. No client is too big or too small. Mr. Sosinsky gives the personalized attention that all of his clients deserve.
  • Information. Mr. Sosinsky will not simply tell you what to do. Instead, he will educate you about the charges you face and your options. This way you can make an informed decision on how you want to defend your case.
  • Persistence. There is no fact or legal angle too hard to get. Mr. Sosinsky will pursue every avenue to advocate for your innocence.
  • Expertise. Mr. Sosinsky has over 27 years’ experience fighting for the rights of his clients in a variety of criminal matters.
  • Loyalty. If you are incarcerated, Mr. Sosinsky will not let you languish behind bars. He is known for visiting his clients and continuing to fight for their rights.
  • Availability. Unlike other attorneys who put their rest and recreation ahead of your freedom, Mr. Sosinsky makes himself available to his clients at any time of day or night, 7 days a week. Your pressing questions and concerns should not have to wait.

Mr. Sosinsky offers all potential clients a free initial consultation. Hiring a NY criminal defense attorney can be expensive, and you deserve to know that you are paying for the vest best product. Come talk to Mr. Sosinsky, and you will come away confident that you have the strongest advocate representing your defense.

Contact a New York Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a state or federal crime in New York, you will want the assistance of an experienced NY criminal defense attorney. Depending upon the specific charge you face, you could have very serious penalties, including prison time. As a result, you will not want a rookie attorney representing your interests. Instead, you will want an attorney like Frederick L. Sosinsky who has over 27 years’ experience fighting for the rights of his clients. To schedule a consultation to discuss the specifics of your case, you can contact Mr. Sosinsky by calling (212) 285-2270.